Aspire To Inspire Our She-Tribe

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Big or small, we shall empower them all

I don’t know about you, but does it seem like girls are becoming meaner and more vengeful these days? I have four children and they are all girls. Some of the things I see on social media feeds from their age groups makes my head spin. The lack of respect for each other and themselves is sickening and it genuinely hurts my heart. Why?! Why do we, as females, feel the need to put each other down? Why do we think it is okay to judge someone else? Why are we not banding together as a beautiful tribe of unique Goddesses to encourage, praise motivate and inspire each other?

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Part of my quest for self-rediscovery has required me to dig deep into my past, figure out where my weaknesses come from, honor them and find a way to overcome and conquer. This has not been the easiest of tasks, especially since my childhood was not all unicorns and rainbows. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great family life growing up. Both sides of my family were close. Some of my happiest childhood memories were spent with family. What I am referring to is my middle school and high school years. What a freaking nightmare!! Girls were so mean! I was pretty timid and that did not do me any favors. Bullies look for that quality. I was picked on about what I wore  and how I looked, where I lived and who my friends were. Once a girl even started a rumor that my mom and dad bought me a new car so that I would have friends… SERIOUSLY?! What the heck?! These girls didn’t know me, most of them I had never even had the first word with. Now, I am not claiming total innocence.  I made some not-so-good choices, however, I never deserved the torment I endured.

“You will never reach higher ground if you are always pushing others down.” ~ Author Unknown

Back in the day, it was not a common occurrence to share the gossip of the day’s drama at the dinner table. Besides, being a teenager, I assumed my parents would not have a clue, they just wouldn’t get it. So I did what any normal teenager would do, I kept it bottled inside. I did share some things with a couple of close friends I had at the time but what could they do?  They couldn’t stop it from happening. At one point, my life seemed so insignificant, I considered choosing my own exit. I felt the world would not have missed me or so I thought at the time. Little did I realize, life had so much more in store for me.

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Eventually, something’s gotta give!

The ironic thing about my situation is that now I am overflowing with gratitude in the monumental life lesson that has molded me into the strong, independent, kind and compassionate woman I am today. I am one of the lucky ones. Unfortunately, so many young women today feel like they just can’t take it any longer. They feel alone and unloved. They feel like no one understands and no one cares. They feel like they don’t matter and there is nothing else to live for. These girls make the choice that is irreversible. A choice that a young mind can not truly fathom and the real life consequences they can not reverse. They choose to end their precious lives. I recently read an article about bullying and suicide and the statistics are alarming:

  • According to the CDC, suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among adolescents. Amidst these, about 1 in 100 have attempted suicide. Another case study showed over 14 % of high school students have admitted to considering suicide, and those who have attempted it, just under 7%.
  • According to study by Yale University, victims of bullying are up to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims.
  • At least half of suicides among children and adolescents have been found to be connected to bullying, according to a study in Britain
  • In the same study, girls between the ages of 10-14 are possibly at an even higher risk than other adolescents.

What in the ever-loving land is going on? I don’t know about you but I honestly can not stand by any longer while girls continue to criticize and belittle one another to the point of no return and not attempt to do something about it. It’s time to take a stand! It’s time to set the example for these young impressionable minds. It’s time to be the guiding light for these beautiful lost souls and show them there is more to life than worrying about other people’s opinions. As Rachel Hollis stated, “Other people’s opinion of you is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” It’s time to teach them empathy and compassion. It’s time to motivate and inspire each other. It’s time to educate them about love and support! It’s time to teach them to rise above the ignorance of small-minded people.

“Darkness can not drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate can not drive out hate; only love can do that.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Let’s inspire and empower these beautiful Goddesses to strive to be the best version of themselves and to push themselves to work a little harder than the day before. Let’s teach them how to be grateful for each day and for every person. Let’s teach them to be humble and kind. Let’s show them how to love and respect one another. The example starts with us, we are here to lead these young ladies in the right direction showing them there is a better way. The real question is, are you ready to play your part?

*The pictures on this post are not mine and I do not take credit for them.

One thought on “Aspire To Inspire Our She-Tribe

  1. You are that change! And each one of your beautiful girls will benefit from your strength! Love them with a fierce love, continue to encourage and strengthen them! Keep writing! So encouraging and thank you for sharing such a personal journey.


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